Achieving Fitness Goals With The Renegade Diet

The renegade diet is unlike other food and fitness programs because it has the unique ability to help you do two things: build muscle and lose fat. Often, a diet or exercise plan will help you do one or the other, but not both. With this intense, challenging and ultimately successful program, you can melt the fat from your body while you replace it with muscle. Here’s what you need to know:

Q: What Is the Renegade Diet?

A: This is a new approach to eating and fitness that will help you change your body so you’re more muscular and carrying around less fat. This plan will help you lose fat while preserving and building muscle. You’ll get valuable information on how to make your body healthier, boost your immune system and get rid of those unwanted pounds and that unneeded fat.

Q: How Is It Different From Other Diets?

A: This is different because it changes your body as well as your habits. When you go on a diet, you can successfully lose weight, but you often lose as much as one pound of muscle every time you lose a few pounds of fat. Similarly, you can really build your muscle when you’re following an exercise plan, but you gain fat along with that muscle, giving you a stronger body but also a bigger, heavier one. This diet plan is different because you don’t have to chose one result or the better. You get less fat and more muscle. That means you can lose weight and shave off fat without becoming weaker, and you can bulk up and gain muscle without getting heavier or fatter.

Q: Are There Lots of Food Rules?

A: Not really. In fact, this plan breaks a lot of the food and eating rules you might have become accustomed to. For example, you will not be told to eat a big breakfast. For years, you’ve heard diets and so-called experts tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s not true. If you’re not hungry in the morning, you shouldn’t force yourself to eat food that you’re not really interested in eating. Instead, you should do whatever you can to ensure you get off to a good day full of energy and motivation. Another rule you might have heard about is that you should make dinner your lightest meal of the day. Again, that’s not necessarily true. This program will tell you why, and let you enjoy whatever food you want at dinner.

Q: Will I Succeed on This Plan?

renegade diet by Jason FerruggiaA: Your chances of success on the renegade diet plan are much higher than they are when you try to follow other programs. For example, many people have tried to lose weight on diets that require you to completely cut out carbohydrates or drastically reduce the amount of fat you consume. When you do things like that, you set yourself up for failure. It might be easy to avoid carbohydrates for a week or two, or even a couple of months. However, staying on that plan for the long term and maintaining your weight loss will get more difficult. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of entire food groups, nor should you be too restrictive when it comes to your eating. That’s what ultimately results in people falling off their diets and returning to old habits. This program will encourage you to eat whatever your favorite foods happen to be. Instead of telling you not to eat certain foods, this plan will tell you how to be smart about what you eat so you can maximize your body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle.

Q: Do I Have to Buy Your Food and Supplements?

A: No. This is another difference between this diet and other diet plans. There are no packaged foods that you’re required to buy, or complicated supplements that you don’t understand. This plan encourages you to stay away from artificial ingredients and processed foods. You’ll be encouraged to eat whole foods that are seasonal and healthy.

Q: Why Do I Have to Fast?

A: There is a fasting element involved in the renegade diet. This is not meant to deprive you, and you won’t feel like you’re starving. The purpose of your fasting is to give your digestive system a break, cleanse your liver and speed up the fat loss in your body. When you fast, your insulin levels stay low, so your body continues to burn fat for longer periods of time. These fasting periods are just an extra reason to enjoy eating a huge dinner when you have the opportunity and the hunger.

Q: How Long is The Diet?

A: This is a lifestyle change that you can continue to implement for the rest of your life. While it can seem more satisfying to lose a lot of weight by following a crash diet for two weeks, the likelihood of sustainability is quite low. If you really want to reduce your body fat and build lean, strong muscle, you have to be prepared to make this a lifestyle and not a simple diet that you jump on and off of. You will focus on changing your behaviors and your habits, and the results you see will keep you motivated to treat your body properly. This plan is about health. Health should always come before weight loss.

Q: How Can I Get Started?

A: You can start losing fat and gaining muscle right away. This program is available as an e-book that’s easy to download. You’ll have it with you on your computer, e-reader or tablet. You will find out how to eat, how not to eat and what to do to maximize your body’s potential for getting thinner, leaner and stronger. There aren’t any crazy meal plans to follow and you won’t have to count calories. Instead, you’ll have to eat smart. When you combine your better eating habits with the minimal amount of fasting, you’ll get great results, and you’ll be glad you started this plan.

The diets you have tried in the past probably involved strange foods, not enough food or bizarre rules such as avoiding food at night or eating a majority of your calories at breakfast. Maybe you’ve been told you have to invest hours per day in the gym. That doesn’t work. Give the renegade diet a try, and you’ll realize you’ve been doing it all wrong, and it’s time to get it right.